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Welcome to Platte Valley Farrier Supply, LLC and the Lucky D Tackshop. Visit our web site. We offer: tack, saddles, horse shoes, farrier supplies, bits, bridles, reins, blankets, mini horse supplies, horse feed and more!


If you don't see it...ask...we do special orders!

Double Diamond Ranch Ropes
Our aged nylon lariats have a distinct resemblance to the rawhide riata in terms of life and pliability, but with the strength of nylon. This is an excellent rope for use with horses or in the branding corral. They are available in 50' and 60' lengths, in 5/16" and 3/8"scant and in soft, xsoft, xxsoft, and xxx-ultra soft lays (please specify).

60 foot xx-soft in stock!

Double Diamond Halters
The finest horse halters on the market! Five year guarantee! Double Diamond halters fit snuggly around your horse's jawbone, not alongside it, insuring a good, clean fit and greater control. Made from one continuous length of washable, rot-resistant poly-rope, there is no hardware to break, buckles to freeze, eyelets to rip out, or stitching to tear. Infinitely adjustabble , these halters are offered in four sizes: 1) Weanling, 2)Yearling, 3) Draft, and 4)the popular Saddle horse size, which will fit two-year olds to small draft horses. All halters feature a double noseband and each comes with complete adjustment instructions. Made in Montana U.S.A.

Double Diamond Halters, mecates, Fiador, lead ropes, lariats, slobber straps, curb strap, shuflies, keyrings and hondas available.

Whether you are riding into the show ring or down the happy trails, we have what you need to keep your horse healthy, happy and hip! We carry a wide selection of quality "horsey" merchandise to meet your every horse need including:

HORSE FURNISHINGS: saddles, tack, Purina feeds, supplements, grooming supplies & more

BARN SUPPLIES: buckets, hardware, muck forks, HiQual equipment, feeders & fencing

SHOEING SUPPLIES: largest full line farrier supplier in the state of Nebraska

HOME DECOR & ART: lamps, sculptures, limited edition artwork, collectibles

GIFT ITEMS: jewelry, purses, baby items, books & more

DOG & CAT FOOD: Exclusive & PMI brands

PET SUPPLIES: collars, leashes, treats


Feel free to gallop around our site. We hope you find it informative and fun. WELCOME TO LUCKY D TACK SHOP & PLATTE VALLEY FARRIER SUPPLY!!