Horsemanship Camps

Schedule a custom camp for you & your friends.
Send Kelli an email to schedule a camp or call 402-889-6042.

What is Cowgirl Camp?
It is a clinic, learning experience, vacation and an adventure all in 24, 48 or 72 hours. Learn new horsemanship skills and tools and put them to use on the trail, working with trail obstacles, and playing games.
Facilities vary by location.

Our mission is creating horsewomen and horsemen who want to improve their relationship with their horse by building confidence, developing trust and improving communication.

Custom camps are available for groups of 4 or more.
All disciplines welcome.

Bring your own horse and tack. We supply the adventure.
Yes, guys are welcome too!

Cowgirl Camp at Turkey Creek Ranch Slideshow

The schedule is customized for each camp.
Camp length and focus can vary depending on your group's interest.
Trail rides often have learning experiences mixed into the ride. We will take the time to get the group relaxed and comfortable on the trail.
Cost varies by camp, location and number of riders.

Cost for camps at Kelli's:
A general guideline is $265 for 2 days, $395 for 3 days, $525 for 4 days, $650 for 5 days
Meals, trailer parking, camping and horse pen are included.

Cowgirl Camp is an opportunity for women to improve their horsemanship, have fun with their horse, increase their confidence, and make friends with like interests. While at camp the first focus is horsemanship. The horsemanship lessons are infused with the traditions and skills of great horsemen and women of the Spanish Vaquero tradition. Days are filled with instruction, trail riding, trail obstacles, and applying learned skills.

Interacting with an animal helps people to be more effective communicators, more consistent and concise, with follow-through. This helps people be better parents, spouses, and leaders. The women gain confidence, are more sure of themselves, know they can overcome and work through obstacles.