Western Dressage!

The Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA) was founded in 2010. The mission of the WDAA is to inspire western riders to a higher level of horsemanship and partnership through the use of dressage. Creating an educational environment and competitive format within the horse industry for the Western Dressage horse and rider. The WDAA welcomes all breeds to participate.

What is Western Dressage?
Western Dressage is the merging of classical horsemanship and natural horsemanship.
Time-honored dressage principles develop the physique and natural ability of any horse while encouraging the engagement of the hindquarters and a natural headset.

The goal of Western Dressage is to enhance the integrity and lightness of the western horse through the use of dressage principles while emphasizing light contact. Our goal is to develop a sound, correct, balanced horse with a willing attitude and true collection.

Refine your horsemanship skills by using your seat, hands, and legs to communicate effectively and build a better partnership with your horse. It all fits together in a plan that you can work at your own pace and advance as far as you want.

Western Dressage uses a consistent scoring system allowing you to advance at your own pace. You work to improve your own score and can compete with others in the class.

Bring the horse and saddle you have. This is a great place to have fun and improve your skills. Beginner to advanced, all are welcome.

Kelli is located in Nebraska. Close to Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

Western Dressage Association