The Facility

Crannell Creek Horse Farm

7 Stall barn
Outdoor runs
Trail Obstacle Course: real bridges, water crossing, teeter-totter, two-step, logs, brush, tarps, flags, and more
Trails with varied terrain: hills, ravines, creeks, logs, brush and wildlife
Large Outdoor Arena
25 x 50 Indoor Arena
60 Round pen
2 - 16 x 20 Wall tents and 8 cots for guests
Warm showers

The horses experience life on a farm. They are exposed to trails, obstacles, tractors, bikes, kids, cats, dogs, traffic, rough terrain and wildlife. The farm offers more variety than the horse would see at a traditional stable. The facility aids in the creation of happy, confident, willing horses.

The facility is available for camps, clinics, retreats and special events.
Doing groundwork in the outdoor arena.
Getting ready to saddle a filly in the round pen. The round pen is made of 2 x 12 lumber and stands 7 feet high!
Year round riding on the trails.
The creek area has a bridge, water crossing, varied terrain and natural log jumps. More pictures on the Trail Rider Challenge page.