Get Started in Western Dressage

How do I learn?

Watch a demonstration.
March 25, 2012: 3pm at South Creek Stables
Visit Events Page for details.

Attend a clinic or lesson.
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Attend a practice.
Practices will be held through the year.
Some will be at Trail Rider Challenge events.
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Western Dressage classes will be held at:

Nebraska Dressage Association schooling shows

In Iowa, the IaDCTA offers Limited classes for western riders.

Western Riders are welcome in 4-H dressage classes.
The patterns used are in your 4-H rule book.

Visit Events Page for details.

Rules, Patterns, Arena

The Western Dressage Association has worked with the United States Equestrian Federation to develop rules and guidelines for judging.
Western Dressage Rules and guidelines - PDF

Patterns in the dressage world are called tests. They are similar to a horsemanship pattern but longer.
The tests which are approved by the USEF are below.
More tests will be added as they are approved.
Western Dressage Basic Test 1 - PDF
Western Dressage Basic Test 2 - PDF
Western Dressage Primary Level Test 3 - PDF
USDF training level patterns and rules may be used at this years shows. More details will be posted soon.

A small dressage arena is 20 meters x 40 meters.
A large dressage arena is 20 meters x 60 meters.

20 meter is 66 feet.
40 meters is 132 feet.
60 meters is 198 feet.

Letters along the sides of the arena serve as markers as you ride the patterns.
A large arena is pictured below.